About Us

At St. Martin’s Episcopal School, children are seen, known, and loved for who they are. In a challenging academic setting from Preschool through eighth grade, our inclusive community nurtures students of all backgrounds to grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually - with Confidence, Compassion and Character.

Our academic program and structure provides a platform on which confidence is built, experience after experience. Students have monthly, weekly, and even daily opportunities for public speaking and collaborative learning starting in Preschool. A major benefit to our small size is the interaction between grades. Walking around campus, you may see a Middle Schooler reading with a Lower School buddy, two grades combining for physical education, or preschoolers watching a presentation by the older kids. Our students know and love children in every grade at SMES and it shows.

We want our students to grow up to be good people. So we create the conditions in which children feel comfortable taking risks and secure enough to grow and learn from the mistakes they will inevitably make. Every day, inside and outside of the classroom, we encourage students to do the right thing - contribute, serve, support, collaborate, exercise integrity - especially when no one else is looking.

At SMES, we provide myriad opportunities for students of all ages to practice empathy and the art of giving through service learning, behavior modeling, and spiritual formation. Students learn compassion for humans and our environment in hands-on activities both on and off campus. Throughout an academic year, students can be found packing lunches for the food-insecure population, raising horseshoe crabs to release back into the Chesapeake Bay, candy tithing at Halloween, and learning the monthly value such as honesty or courage.

Life at SMES

Students gain the confidence to speak out and be heard in whatever space they may find themselves: in classrooms and labs, in all-school chapel and at assemblies, on playgrounds, playing fields, and performance stages.