St Martins Episcopal School Chaplain with Altar Servers

The heart of our Episcopal identity.

Every Wednesday, students in Preschool, Lower School, and Middle School gather together in the church's sanctuary for an inclusive and age-appropriate chapel program that nurtures the spiritual growth of students. Weekly chapels, which many parents attend, explore monthly virtues of Confidence, Compassion, Courage, Honesty, Patience, Self-Control, and Thankfulness.

Our worship life is rooted in the Episcopal tradition but honors all faiths through the reading of scripture, music, prayer, and reflection. We bless birthdays with Birthday Candles, celebrate holidays and events such MLK Day, and share stories of faith and prayer, honoring each of us as a child of God. Through lessons, readings, presentations, and Chapel Talks given by each 8th grader, Chapel cultivates the spiritual growth of all members of our community, nurturing a commitment to inclusion, and belief in a loving God.

In Middle School, students may participate in Vestry and help in the planning and leadership of Chapel.