Teaching Music to Children

STEAM Curriculum

Project-based inquiry is the basis for discovery and hands-on learning for Earth Science, Physical Science and Life Science. We are a Project Lead the Way Launch school, bringing STEAM learning to the elementary years as well. We thrive on forging the love of learning both inside AND outside the classroom.

Foreign Language

Beginning in Preschool, students are exposed to Spanish language and culture. Elementary School students orient to World Languages and then our middle schoolers study Spanish, culminating in High School level Spanish 1 coursework in Grades 7 and 8.

Sacred Studies

Our age-appropriate sacred studies curriculum emphasizes Biblical literacy and moral development. In 8th grade, Sacred Studies lessons culminate in an Ethics class and chapel talks, where our students give a school-wide lesson in chapel about a defined virtue, such as honesty, gratitude, kindness, and joy.

student using computer at St. Martins school


In Elementary School, students are introduced to technology and computer-based learning. Middle School students learn Microsoft Office applications and web-based research methods. Students have access throughout their day to laptop computers, iPads, and our Innovation Lab.

Distinguished Visitors

Several times each school year, students attend lectures with/from guests to our campus: authors, scientists, scholars and thinkers. Each year, we also have artists-in-residence who work with the students in literature, poetry, visual arts and Shakespeare.