Welcome to St. Martin’s Episcopal School, where our doors are open to students and families of all faiths and backgrounds who believe every child is worthy of an excellent education.

Whether your child starts at age 3 or grade 3, as an elementary schooler or a middle schooler, he or she will learn what it means to be a person of integrity and character. The confidence and compassion we instill serves SMES students at each stage of their education and throughout their lives. With guidance from our Director of Academics, our teachers take advantage of the freedom to innovate and to explore new ways to engage students and inspire a love of learning.

What makes St. Martin’s different?

Engaged learning opportunities

Our small class size and flexible curriculum allows hands-on experiences tailored to the strengths and interests of the students.

Outstanding academic development

Currently, 100% of our eighth grade students are accepted to their high school of first choice.

Public speaking

Students begin speaking in front of small and large groups during their preschool years and continue on to full speeches in the middle school years. St. Martin’s graduates are known in this area for their confidence and comfort in conversations, speeches, and presentations.

Comprehensive and well-rounded education

With a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) focused learning environment and additional opportunities in foreign language, individual projects, and conservation, St. Martin’s is uniquely positioned to educate students in all of their interest areas.

We can’t wait to guide you through our learning spaces and welcome you to the St. Martin’s family. Contact our Director of Admissions for more information and to schedule a virtual tour.