Parent Toolkit

There are thousands of great online tools that provide academic enrichment, practice and support for students right at home. Some of our favorites are listed below:

BBC Schools:  Typing class, skills practice for language, numbers and history.  This site is geared to young learners, primary school through Grade 1.

123 Teach Me: Free online games and activities to support Spanish language instruction.

Bill Nye The Science Guy:  Newsletters, videos, practice worksheets and fun facts to make science fun for all ages.

Brain POP:  Movies, quizzes, activities and more in many different subjects. Free and Subscription options are available.

Grammar Quizzes: Geared toward middle schoolers, students can practice sentence structure, grammar and writing.

ixl Learning:  A subscription-based service kids can use to practice math facts and language arts online.

Kid Rex: a child-safe search engine for young learners, powered by Google.

Khan Academy: thousands of free tutorials and lessons with sample problems in math, grammar, history and science.

Learning Games For Kids: Practice your skills in Literature, Math, Science and more!

Math Playground: User your knowledge of arithmetic to play the game 24

Odyssey Online: Learn about ancient cultures in this site sponsored by Emory University.

Super Kids: Parents can make up their own practice worksheets for kids in vocabulary, math skills.

Time For Kids: Just like the magazine, but for young learners!  Kids can visit this site to learn all about current events from Kid Reporters and many others.

Science Buddies:  Hands on science resources for home or school.  Great for science and engineering fair ideas!

Wordly Wise: Vocabulary reinforcement.  This is an online link that supports our curriculum and is great for homework help!

Sheppard Software: fun free educational games for all levels, this site is especially helpful for World Geography.